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Course Name : Women in Tourism and Hospitality: Unlocking the Potential in the Talent Pool
Date : 6 Aug 2017 to 7 Aug 2017
Time : 8:30 AM until 5:30 PM
Course Description : The study titled 'Women in Tourism and Hospitality: Unlocking the Potential in the Talent Pool', found that businesses will find it hard to stay competitive in a booming industry that is set to create 73 million new jobs by 2022 if they do not capitalise on the full potential of women. In Malaysia, about 19.7% of total SMEs are women-controlled. By definition, this refers to enterprises with a woman having equity of 51% and above, or she being the CEO with equity ownership of at least 10%. Women-owned SMEs are mainly concentrated in the services sector (91.7%) followed by the manufacturing sector (6.9%). Women are less involved in the construction, agriculture and mining and quarrying sectors. Women in Tourism and Hospitality, The Learning Series is developed to enhance women's involvement in tourism and hospitality by providing support in the Leadership, Financial and Sales, Marketing and Branding.

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